Fan Advisory Council

The Chicago House AC Fan Advisory Council (FAC) was established in 2020 as a group of soccer fans committed to providing guidance and advice to Chicago House AC. Their guidance is to ensure certain guiding principles as described in the Chicago House AC Fan Charter are followed as well as to ensure that the club is a team built in Chicago, by Chicago, and for Chicago.

Additionally, the FAC will operate as an advisory board to the front office until a fan-ownership model is established, at which point the FAC will transition into a representative group for Chicago House AC Fan Owners.

Inaugural FAC Members: 

  • Steve Bayley
  • Ben Burton 
  • Brian Costin
  • Frank Cardenas
  • Eray Dursun
  • Chad Gersky
  • Jose Antonio Gonzalez
  • Danny Kotula
  • Mari Neberieza
  • Moria Nestmann
  • Jake Payne

Read the Fan Advisory Council Charter here.